Top 5 picks for fantasy football draft advice

The NFL preseason starts soon and along with that your fantasy football draft will be starting soon! To win however, you might need more than just luck on your side, especially in the age of big data and endless analysis by experts on the web and TV. With that in mind, here are our top picks for where to find the best fantasy football draft advice:

  1. is the go to source for finding the consensus rankings of the largest number of experts (close to 100) on the web. They also have a great draft simulator so that you don’t make a big mistake on draft day.
  2. has some powerful math behind the scenes and a great interface to give you in-depth quantitative analysis of players to draft, when to draft them and why it matters to you.
  3. was #1 in NFL fantasy football draft accuracy in 2012 according to FantasyPros, and would be a great place to double-check when making your picks this year.  (and if you’re curious, check out the entire list of 2012 draft accuracy rankings here)
  4. The /r/FantasyFootball subreddit is a great forum for voicing your opinion and hearing what others think about players to draft, who not to draft, and how you can win in your league.
  5. is an excellent and necessary source to keep up-to-date on the latest news including injuries and rookies that will play a factor in your fantasy league.

What are your favorite sites for fantasy football advice? Any tips you would like to share on how you’re going to win your league this year? Either way, we will have a few updates on fantasy football throughout the season to keep your game in check.