Simple and Easy Korean BBQ (bul gogi) on the Grill

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Korean BBQ such as bul gogi (bul go gi, bulgogi etc…) is a super easy sweet and salty marinade that anyone can do, and it tastes ridiculously good. My family favorite recipe is below, so please indulge and let me know what you think in the comments!

Bul-gogi Recipe

2 lbs round roast (beef), sliced very thin (sandwich meat thin, around 1/16th – 1/8th an inch), have the meat guy/gal do this for you. Better beef works as well. Asian markets often have beef pre-sliced, which will make it a bit easier.
5 cloves of garlic (big cloves)
1/2 large sweet onion, or 1 small sweet onion [optional]
1/2 cup Coca-Cola
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon pepper
1 Tablespoon sesame oil [optional]
A dash of salt — the soy sauce is already salty, so not a required ingredient.


Ready a container that will fit your beef and some extra liquid from the marinade. I typically will use a Pyrex container, since glass does not hold on to smells like plastic. A gallon (or two) ziplock bag will work too, just make sure to stand it up in the fridge so it doesn’t spill everywhere.

Chop up onion and garlic (no need for perfect chopping, it’s just for the marinade!). Mix in Coca-Cola, soy sauce, brown sugar, pepper, sesame oil and salt. Place your sliced up beef in the marinade, and place in fridge overnight, or for several hours (all day at the least — 12+ hours preferable).

Grill meat for a short period, it does not take long to grill the thinly sliced beef. Broiling will also work. Personally, I prefer a nice char on at least part of the meat since that char just tastes so good.

Serve alone (meat is meat!), or with white or brown rice and some Korean seaweed (dried, salted and oiled seaweed) and enjoy. I typically will buy a jar of kimchi to serve as a side, along with some in-season fruit to balance all that greasy (tasty) meat, but that is of course all up to you.

What’s the easiest way to feed my dog a pill?

My signature method for giving our pup a pill is via his favorite treat — a freeze-dried puffed-up liver treat. Just insert the pill into the center of the liver treat (it’s relatively accommodating for smaller pills — large pills, well, you’re on your own), and your dog will swallow the whole thing well, whole. In my opinion, way better (and tastier for the dog) than “pill pockets” or other oddball treats that may contain more than just a single ingredient like liver treats.

Our favorite are the Belly Rubs liver treats, but I am sure others would work as well — just make sure they’re relatively light and airy treats, otherwise a pill won’t easily insert into the treat.

liver treats photo
BellyRubs Liver Treats

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Which deodorant is the best?

So I sweat a lot. Way too much, and I need a great antiperspirant. Like many products in the US, there are a million to choose from. So which deodorant/antiperspirant did I choose?

Because of the sweating, I have tried lots of deodorants and antiperspirants — Old Spice of course (all the types, there are tons), Degree, Axe, natural ones, the list goes on — if you’re a male who sweats a lot, you know what I’m talking about. But personally, I keep coming back to a specific brand and specific scent — Mitchum Advanced Control Arctic Rush, even when some others — and yes, I have tried a ton, even the “clinical” ones, including Mitchum’s clinical version — say they’re better, or smell better and so on.

Who knows, your specific deodorant that works for you might depend on your individual chemistry, I am no chemist, but I hear there are a bunch of bacteria in those pits! So Mitchum is what I use. Give me any sort of free deodorant and I will throw it in the trash (or donate them if I haven’t used them). Just not worth using others (at least for now — innovation never hurt anyone, right?).

Anyways, the Mitchum Advanced Control works well, at the least I have figured out because of its high percentage of aluminum chlorohydrate vs. other deodorants/antiperspirants. Pseudo-scientists will disapprove of this deodorant for this reason — that’s fine with me — I sweat way too much and I highly doubt my pores are clogged as much as skeptics would suggest. Heck, if it works, I will keep using it.

Right now I use the solid stick, although in the past I’ve used the gel versions, which work well too. Just a funny texture — that is, I like the solids better, just a personal preference.

mitchum deodorant
Mitchum Advanced Control Solid (antiperspirant)

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