What are the best cheap and durable iPhone 6 cases?

iphone6-space-grayThere are a ton of iPhone 6 cases, but only a few are value priced (under $20) and durable. Looking to protect your $700+ iPhone 6 is a no-brainer, especially at $15 or even $10 since sometimes your budget is tight. Here are a few options that will give some cheap prevention from a cracked screen or worse yet, a drop that breaks your shiny new iPhone 6…

Maxboost HyperPro Series iPhone 6 (4.7) Case Dual Layer
Your standard black, thin case with an anti-scratch finish and grippy feel. Looks great, no fuss, and cheap under $10.

i-Blason Clear Halo Series Apple iPhone 6 Case 4.7 inch Hybrid Cover (Black)
For those looking for a clear back case, this is a great value under $15. You have already spent a ton of money on a specific iPhone color (space gray, silver or gold), so why not show it off with a clear back case. Protect the back against scratches so you can trade-in your iPhone 6 in a few years for a, dare I say, iPhone 7? Too soon?

Maxboost Vibrance Series in Italian Rose / Champagne Gold
The Italian Rose color on this case is awesome, and the design rocks to boot. Two pieces that slide together and snap around your iPhone. No more fumbling to fit your iPhone 6 into a rubbery case — this one just snaps on!

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6 Gunmetal (SGP11022)
For those looking at a tougher case with four corner bumpers on the backside to prevent your iPhone from sliding around, look at the just under $20 Tough Armor case from Spigen. Shows off the Apple logo while providing protection around the sides and the rest of the back.

Spigen Premium Slim Fit Coated Non Slip Surface with Excellent Grip Matte Hard Case – Smooth Black (SGP10936)
One more thin black case with the bare minimum protection (although lighter than a “tough” case like the one above, the Spigen slim fit is a great choice at under $15.

Spigen Air Cushion Case Bumper Air Cushion Technology Corners + Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for iPhone 6 Crystal Clear (SGP10954)
A second clear back case but this time from Spigen, the case is minimalist, but provides a nice show through of your iPhone 6 color of choice.

Invellop Gray/Clear iPhone 6 Case Scratch-Resistant Clear Slim Fit Cover with Shock Absorbent TPU Hybrid Bumper Protection
Alright, one more clear case this time from Invellop with gray (or other colors available) highlights. Under $10 so a bargain to boot.

What’s the best cheap and simple lapdesk for my laptop?

For a long time I didn’t use a lapdesk, since hey, why not just use a pillow? But after owning a simple and cheap lapdesk for a while, I can say that at the least, the one I own is great. I use mine on the couch, in the bedroom, and oddly enough use it for food too, so it’s not just for laptops.

I looked at a few lapdesks, and the one below is my favorite, in part because it is simple: thin, cheap, the side part retracts easily and is secure, and it also stores easily since it is thin.

Logitech N315 portable lapdesk and cooling pad

logitech n315 white lapdesk

The one above is in silver/white, but I own the one below:

logitech n315 black lapdesk
The texture is a bit hard to describe, but it’s the rubbery texture seen on a few electronics that is pretty grippy, here’s a close up:
logitech n315 lapdesk close up

The plain black and grey version works great. The grippy-ness holds my laptop well, and keeps me shielded from the extra heat, without having a noisy fan, not bad, not bad at all.

Here are the many other styles of the Logitech N315 lapdesks as well, if the basic black or white are not your favorite.

Chocolate Chip (Vegan) Muffin In A Mug Recipe

After seeing an awesome recipe for a blueberry muffin in a mug, I made a few changes both for what I had in the pantry, and for my dairy-free/lactose-intolerant self (ended up vegan too). The muffin was indeed, tasty and delicious.

Also lighter fare (a good thing) than the chocolate cake in a mug I have made several times in the past, but which seems to feel pretty heavy in my stomach. The mug muffin was nice and light.


 On to the recipe…


  • 1/4 cup flour (I used 50% whole wheat, 50% white flour)
  • 1 Tbsp sugar (brown sugar was used in the original recipe)
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder (personally, I just tapped a bit in the mug)
  • 1/8 tsp salt (also just a few taps into the mug)
  • pinch cinnamon
  • 1/2 Tbsp coconut (palm) oil (other oils would also work)
  • 2 Tbsp almond milk (soy or regular milk would probably be just fine)
  • 1-2 Tbsp [vegan] chocolate chips (mmm…)
  • 1-2 drops of vanilla [optional]
  • Microwave and mug of course


  • Mix together dry ingredients in a microwave safe mug.
  • Add in the coconut oil (or other oil presumably would work fine), and mix by hand (I tried with a spoon and it’s unfortunately just a bit too sticky).
  • Stir in the almond milk and vanilla
  • Dump in the chocolate chips (or your selected muffin favorite) and mix together
  • Microwave on high for 90 seconds.

Heads up! The muffin was decidedly small for me — mine was only around an inch tall, even after rising in the microwave. Adjust the recipe and timing as needed for your appetite, and enjoy!

The best high quality, single ingredient dog chew

Our dog loves a great chew treat, and it helps to keep his teeth clean too. We have tried a number of chew-treats, but two single-ingredient chews are our favorites: dried sweet potato and bully sticks.

  • Dried sweet potato chews. Loaded with lots of great vitamins to keep your dog healthy. Sweet potato has vitamins C, D and iron and is great for humans too.
  • Bully Sticks. These last a bit longer than sweet potato chews, and don’t have as much sugar as sweet potato chews to keep your dogs teeth healthy too. Odor-free versions are of course nice and might save your nose and a slightly increased cost.

Related links:

  • BestBullySticks.com is our go-to place for cheap bully sticks. Look for the odor-free versions as well as the “free shipping” mixed-packs to save some extra cash.
  • DIY Sweet Potato Dog Chews recipe from Food.com is a great and super-simple way to make customized chews for your pup, and hey, if you make them yourself you can try a taste as well! On top of that, making them yourself helps to make sure you know what goes into your pets diet — organic sweet potato chews can keep not-so-great pesticides out of your dog’s body.

Where can I buy cheap but good quality undershirts?

A good quality white, grey or other color undershirt is a wardrobe necessity, and often very overpriced at brick and mortar retailers. Luckily bulk retailers are available on the web to aid in your undershirt needs. My favorite is CheapesTees.com (whom I have no affiliation with other than being a frequent customer).

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when ordering undershirts:

  • Component materials. Is it cotton? Polyester? A 50/50 cotton/polyester blend? Look at your current favorite shirts (undershirts and otherwise) for a helpful guide for what you might prefer, as ordering in bulk means that you will have quite a few of a single shirt.
  • Quantity. Given a bulk order you might not expect to need a large quantity now, but undershirts often wear out faster than other shirts, so it may be worth ordering a larger quantity for future use.
  • Brand and product type. A 100% cotton shirt from company X might not be like a 100% cotton shirt from company Y. For example, the heavyweight versions by Hanes (Beefy-T) and Gildan are thicker cotton and may wear longer than thinner shirts.
  • Tagged or tagless. Michael Jordan of course prefers tagless, but not all shirts come in tagless versions.

Also, if you order from CheapesTees through August 9th, 2013, you can use promotion/coupon code WB520 to get an extra 20% off.

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