What are the best cheap and durable iPhone 6 cases?

iphone6-space-grayThere are a ton of iPhone 6 cases, but only a few are value priced (under $20) and durable. Looking to protect your $700+ iPhone 6 is a no-brainer, especially at $15 or even $10 since sometimes your budget is tight. Here are a few options that will give some cheap prevention from a cracked screen or worse yet, a drop that breaks your shiny new iPhone 6…

Maxboost HyperPro Series iPhone 6 (4.7) Case Dual Layer
Your standard black, thin case with an anti-scratch finish and grippy feel. Looks great, no fuss, and cheap under $10.

i-Blason Clear Halo Series Apple iPhone 6 Case 4.7 inch Hybrid Cover (Black)
For those looking for a clear back case, this is a great value under $15. You have already spent a ton of money on a specific iPhone color (space gray, silver or gold), so why not show it off with a clear back case. Protect the back against scratches so you can trade-in your iPhone 6 in a few years for a, dare I say, iPhone 7? Too soon?

Maxboost Vibrance Series in Italian Rose / Champagne Gold
The Italian Rose color on this case is awesome, and the design rocks to boot. Two pieces that slide together and snap around your iPhone. No more fumbling to fit your iPhone 6 into a rubbery case — this one just snaps on!

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6 Gunmetal (SGP11022)
For those looking at a tougher case with four corner bumpers on the backside to prevent your iPhone from sliding around, look at the just under $20 Tough Armor case from Spigen. Shows off the Apple logo while providing protection around the sides and the rest of the back.

Spigen Premium Slim Fit Coated Non Slip Surface with Excellent Grip Matte Hard Case – Smooth Black (SGP10936)
One more thin black case with the bare minimum protection (although lighter than a “tough” case like the one above, the Spigen slim fit is a great choice at under $15.

Spigen Air Cushion Case Bumper Air Cushion Technology Corners + Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for iPhone 6 Crystal Clear (SGP10954)
A second clear back case but this time from Spigen, the case is minimalist, but provides a nice show through of your iPhone 6 color of choice.

Invellop Gray/Clear iPhone 6 Case Scratch-Resistant Clear Slim Fit Cover with Shock Absorbent TPU Hybrid Bumper Protection
Alright, one more clear case this time from Invellop with gray (or other colors available) highlights. Under $10 so a bargain to boot.

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